Ayurvedic education

Rafeena Kidavintavida is an experienced and skilled Ayurvedic teacher and conducts various educational programmes for health practitioners and general public. The duration and cost of the programmes depend upon the type of the session. Bookings are essential for all trainings as the numbers of the seats are limited. If you are interested in the next available session please fill in the contact form or Call on 0469 928 491. We will contact you once the date and venue is finalized. Please note that these trainings are not nationally accredited but aimed to provide knowledge, skill and/ or experience in the field of training. However you will be provided with an acknowledgement of training which can be used for job purposes (except for Ayurvedic info night unless individually requested).

a. Ayurvedic info eve/night

Ayurvedic info eve/ night is an awareness session of 90 minutes on Ayurveda explaining the principles, diagnostic tools and treatment options. If you are looking for treatment options available with Ayurveda, interested to learn Ayurveda for self care or considering Ayurveda as your career, this session can be helpful. At the end of the session you will get an opportunity to talk to  Rafeena personally. Usually the sessions are free of cost or of a minimal cost.

b. Ayurvedic workshops on daily regimes, body type, etc.

These are the workshops on a single topic preparing you to carry out that particular subject safely for your personal and family care. The workshops can be on Ayurvedic daily routines, Ayurvedic body type, Ayurvedic head massage or on any topic according to the public demand. The duration will depend upon the subject of the workshop and generally varies between 2-6 hours. The cost of the workshop will be according to the hours included and the number of individuals allowed.

c. Clinical training for Ayurvedic students/ holistic practitioners

This is a one to one training for an Ayurvedic student or a health practitioner who is eligible for clinical practice in Ayurveda. Rafeena is highly equipped in the practice of genuine Ayurveda adhering to the principles as explained in the classics. So this training offers an opportunity to brush up your clinical skills and analyse a patient using Ayurvedic diagnostic methods and understand the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments. Clinical training involves consultations, case discussions, body type assessment and/ or diet, lifestyle and treatment validation. Training will be tailored according to the needs of the individual students. The duration and cost of the training depend upon the level of the training required and the skills of the student. For a skilled student/ practitioner, this training may be provided free of cost if he/ she is able to contribute to the functioning of the clinic.

d. Training on Ayurvedic body therapies for practitioners

This training is offered on one to one basis or to a small group of students. The training is recommended for Ayurvedic students and/ or other holistic practitioners who are eligible and looking for training on different types of Ayurvedic body therapies like head massage, foot massage, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Kizhi, etc. The training includes the patient selection, preparation for the session including the selection and use of equipments, carrying out the treatment, benefits, etc. The course will be tailored according to the needs of the individual student or group by including only a single therapy or a number of them. The duration and cost will depend upon the topics of the course.

e. Short Course on Ayurvedic Nutrition

With its holistic understanding about body types and various produce Ayurveda-the traditional medicine of India offers one of the most effective and customised diet and lifestyle. You are what you eat. A healthy and balanced diet that goes well with your body type is an integrated part of boosting your health and preventing diseases especially if you are prone to chronic health problems. In this short course, you get an understanding of how to eat, what to eat and how to customise your diet as per your body type and seasons. This short course runs over four Wednesdays of 90 minutes. It is designed in a way that you can attend the sessions that you are interested in or the complete short course. Certificates will be provided on successful completion of the course. View More