Ayurveda, time tested medical system of India, is a well established holistic system. It is a system survived and developed against all odd times for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda has a strong theoretical basis and long detailed evidences encoded in various Ayurvedic books dating back to years of BC and available till today. During early years of BC itself, this system has had main branches like General Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Psychiatry, Toxicology, Sexology and Aphrodisiac treatments, Geriatrics and Rejuvenative treatments etc. In India, besides treating the diseases of humans, Ayurveda is successfully being used to treat various diseases of plants and animals.

Some approach Ayurveda as an alternative system while others as a complimentary system. However you approach Ayurveda, there are certain circumstances in which you have to try Ayurveda at least for once.

when to go for ayurveda

To Improve Health and Wellness

Ayurveda defines health not as a mere absence of diseases, but ‘perfect balance of body constituents and wellness of special senses, mind and soul’. In order to accomplish this health Ayurveda offers daily and seasonal regimes, dos and don’ts regarding food, social and occupational life and; medicines and treatments to prevent diseases. One of the uniqueness of the Ayurveda is prakruti, understanding of individual characteristics (differences) and applying this knowledge in promotion of health and wellness, and prevention and treatment of diseases. So during an Ayurvedic consultation, your prakruti, mind and general health will be assessed, and accordingly changes in food and daily/seasonal routines, relaxation techniques; and Ayurvedic medicines and treatments (if needed) will be advised.

When your Illness is not treatable by your current system(s) of Medicine

Ayurveda has strong unique basic theories which help to understand body, mind, soul and life. This understanding helps Ayurveda to deal with even newly discovered diseases. Ayurveda has an excellent capacity to improve immunity and promote well being. It is possible to slow the progression of some diseases, sometimes even to improve the condition which cannot be managed by other systems of medicine.

When you are suffering from considerable difficulties and you are diagnosed as nothing wrong

Ayurvedic parameters to assess body are quite different from other systems. During an Ayurvedic consultation your appetite, digestion, absorption, wellness of mind, condition of doshas (humors), tissues, etc. will be assessed using pulse analysis, tongue and eye examination, etc. along with usual other examinations. Absence of health is considered as disease in Ayurveda. A disease manifests after four stages of pathology, and when it has complications it is in sixth stage. Ayurveda advises how to diagnose and treat each stage or prevent progression. But usually in other systems of medicines, in order to diagnose a disease and start treatment you should have at least a certain number of symptoms and/ or your blood or other test should be positive. So when you feel something wrong don’t delay, have an Ayurvedic consultation. If you start treatment in the beginning of pathology, the prognosis is much better.

When the options of your treatment is too Risky or too Expensive

With its unique understanding of mind, body, soul and life, Ayurveda is able to deal with even newly discovered diseases. By assessing your prakruti and diagnosing your disease, an Ayurvedic practitioner will be able to tailor a treatment plan which includes diet and lifestyle modification, Ayurvedic medicines and/ or external treatments like kizhi, sirodhara, nasya, vasti, etc. So with all your reports and prescriptions, discuss your condition with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda may be helpful either to manage your diseases or to avoid/decrease the complications of your treatment. Sometimes it is possible to reduce your dose of medicines only with some changes in your food and habits and/ or external treatments (if it is not recommendable to have herbal internal medicines by your GP or specialist).

When you have to take Medicines for a long term (possibly resulting in serious side effects)

As we grow old, we used to get many lifestyle or other diseases for which we have to take medicines for a long term. Usually these medicines result in various side effects due to long term use. Ayurveda can detoxify your body, improve your immunity and promote your health. So having Ayurvedic internal and / or external treatment or at least living in harmony with nature by Ayurvedic advices can help you considerably. With these changes it is possible to reduce the side effects and sometimes dose of your medicines.

Ayurveda can help you

  • If you’re healthy and want to maintain the balance
  • If you are having any health issue and want to get back to full health
  • Or if you have a disease and want to relieve from the disease, slow the progression of the same or decrease the complications