This used to be one of the most popular home based therapies in India. When you return home with a stress head ache or if you suffer from hair fall, you can expect a traditional head massage, also known as champi (massage) by your loving granny or mom in those times. Weekend rituals used to include an elaborate session of Champi massage for everyone in the family that nourished not only wellness, nerves and hair roots, but also love, bonding, togetherness among family members. 

Ayurveda considers head as the root of the body, so an oil massage on head can do wonders with the body like watering the plants. It is highly recommended for wellness, improved concentration and memory, hair growth and scalp health. Ayurvedic head massage is recommended for frequent headaches, migraine, hair loss, alopecia, alopecia areata, dandruff, scalp diseases, stress, emotional imbalance, neck pain and stiffness and wellness.


Rafeena Kidavintavida uses Ayurvedic herbalized oils according to your conditions and uses the oil warm or cold as the body needs. 30 minutes treatment includes massaging head, neck and shoulders with specific strokes. Marma/ vital points of head and neck are addressed to alleviate stress, release tension and stiffness, relieve pain and improve energy and wellness.

55$ (30 minutes)