yoga and meditation
Yoga and meditation sessions: Rafeena Kidavintavida provides sessions on traditional yoga and meditation. The sessions are recommended for beginners without any experience or with some experience. Session takes 60-90 minutes depending upon the types of the classes. The yoga session includes stretching and therapeutic postures, breathing techniques and meditation which are mixed wisely to stretch the body, burn calories and relax by the end of the session. These yoga and meditation sessions are aiming to give flexibility, address tightness and rigidity, provide shape, cleanse and relax the body and mind.
Cost: depends upon the duration.
For one hour session $12 (for 10 sessions $100).

Meditation classes

Meditation is a great tool to de-stimulate and relax the body. When we live in the busy contemporary world and get exposed to all stimulation via busy life and screens, the body finds it difficult to wind down and relax by itself by the end of the day. This process when becomes continuous, builds up stress and affects mental and physical health. It also makes us prone to emotional imbalance and diseases.
Daily practice of meditation is a simple way to prevent the accumulation of stress in the body and helps to de-stimulate the system. If you have tried meditation before, you might probably know that its not something easy to practice. Rafeena provides classes classes on guided meditation. The session includes different breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.
Duration: 1 hour.
Cost: $12 for one session and $100 for 10 sessions.