Physical features

Kapha individuals have a big body frame and stocky body. They have smooth, oily and lustrous skin. They sweat easily. Kapha people have thick, long, wavy, lustrous, brown hairs. Their eyes are brown, large and oval shape with clear white sclera. They have moist, soft, deep and calm voice. They talk less and slowly. Kapha people are cold to touch. They like warmth, but can tolerate cold.

Physical tendencies

Kaphas have a stable appetite, but they can skip meals easily. They have soft alimentary tract, with regular bowels. Kapha people love to sleep; they have difficulty to wake up. They usually snore. They have consistent and solid energy. But they prefer to conserve energy and reluctant to start unless externally or internally driven. They have consistent sexual drive. They usually keep away from excess sexual desire and very satisfied in their sex. They have high fertility.

Mental features

Kapha people are loving, caring, compassionate, calm, steady and with tranquil thoughts and ideas. They take time to learn, but once learnt they have solid memory.

Emotional tendencies

Kapha people can be affected by silence, cloudy climate, etc. and when disturbed they may be withdrawn and silent. Once they are angry, it will take time to forget and forgive.


Kapha people are patient, loyal and reliable. It is easy for them to maintain relations. When imbalanced they can be possessive and lazy.

Professions good for kapha

As Kaphas are loving and compassionate, and have high stamina and tolerance; kapha people can excel in human service jobs, sports, singing and professions which need physical stamina. With proper care, they can manage working long hours, night shifts and outside when sunny. Take care to avoid being clogged in a room; kapha people may easily do it which can imbalance them.

Diseases prone to

Respiratory diseases, sinus problems, lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression, binge eating disorder, etc.

How to care kapha body?

  1. Be active. Exercise regularly which is very important to maintain balance.
  2. Eat warm, bitter and/ or pungent, low fat foods. Add spices to your food. Avoid oily and sweet foods. Use dairy products and oil only to a minimum.
  3. Chewing a piece of ginger half an hour before food can help to increase your digestive secretions if you are Kapha.
  4. Kapha people can easily skip a meal and compensate that in the next meal, but doing this continuously can result into obesity.
  5. Wake up before sunrise; it is hard for kapha people, but good for vitality and optimum mucous secretions.
  6. Kapha people need powder massage or scrub to maintain balance. Dry massage with a silk glove is very helpful.
  7. Kapha people are prone to head lice, need care.
  8. Kapha eyes need intense collyrrium once a week, to clear secretions and open channels of eye.
  9. Kaphas have a tendency to be blocked by phlegm. Seasonal purification and clearing medicines can prevent it.
  10. Having a lot of oily and sugary food can lead to skin diseases and imbalances. Kapha people can easily be overweight, and it is hard to lose for them. So always take care to eat healthy, be active and maintain optimum body weight.
  11. When imbalanced kapha people can easily overeat, sleep a lot and crave for sugar and oily foods, which can again increase their imbalance. Being active and eating warm, light, bitter and pungent foods can help to correct the imbalance.
  12. Laziness and tendency to be inactive may affect Kapha’s health, job and relations; practice avoiding them. Kapha people may resist changes, so need to take conscious efforts to make changes in life.
  13. Kapha gets increased in winter and early spring, so follow strict kapha regimes during these seasons. Purifying and clearing therapies can balance kapha and open blocked channels during these seasons.
(If you have a mixed body type, you may have characteristics of Pitta and Vata as well, then you need an expert help to assess your body type and advise you regarding life style modifications.)