Generally purgation is recommended only for specific health issues. It is the process of inducing bowel movements by herbal combinations. When administered after preparing the body, Ayurvedic therapeutic purgation is effective to address a group of specific illnesses. As the herbal combinations are taken through mouth and detox happens through anus, the herbs come in touch with the whole alimentary canal. So the whole mucosa, nerve endings, blood vessels and associated tissues are involved/ stimulated in this process.

Who can benefit from Ayurvedic Therapeutic Purgation?

  1. Pitta imbalance- Ayurvedic therapeutic purgation is the detox for pitta.
  2. Skin diseases.
  3. Inflammatory diseases like arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, etc.
  4. Inflammatory issues of digestion eg. Chronic mouth (aphthous) ulcer, acid peptic disease, chronic diarrhoea, etc
  5. Pitta imbalance in mind (anger issues, frustration, overwhelming, burn out, etc)

How Ayurvedic therapeutic purgation will be carried out?

After improving the metabolism with herbs (if required), internal lubrication with herbalized ghee or oil is carried out to process the toxin. Internal lubrication helps to relocate the deep seated toxins and separate them from tissues. It can be like 1 table spoon for 15+/- days or higher dose for 3-7 days. Initial consultation and frequent follow up will decide how much and how many days you have to take the ghee or oil and also whether you need herbs to boost your metabolism before internal lubrication. Once the internal lubrication is finished steam therapy will be administered for 1-3 days. Steam

After that the herbal mixture that suits your imbalance/body type will be given to cleanse your gut. Special diet will be recommended to attain optimum results.

Effects of Ayurvedic Therapeutic Purgation

  1. Deep cleansing of alimentary canal.
  2. Improvement in hormonal balance.
  3. Skin gets healthier and beautiful.
  4. Improved digestion and elimination.
  5. Lightness of gut/abdomen.
  6. Helps with infection and inflammation.
  7. Helps to regulate body temperature.
  8. Relief from the disease.
  9. Reduced frustration, angry and overwhelming.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Purgation

Time required: for a session of: 60-150 minutes per day at the clinic, 5-10 consecutive days. (During these days you have to follow a specific diet and take plenty of rest).

Services include:
Initial consultation and herbs.
Internal lubrication
Daily Ayurvedic therapeutic massage/ aromatic steam treatments
Ayurvedic therapeutic purgation
Herbal tea and dietary support
Daily assessment
Lifestyle guidelines.