Shirodhara is a very popular and unique Ayurvedic relaxation bliss where warm oil is streamed on forehead. The name comes from Sanskrit where shira means head and dhara means streaming. It is a session you can take to ease off the stress to cure your mental, emotional, hormonal and nervous imbalances. It is a session that gives you an easiness and calmness as if you pressed the ‘refresh’ button of your own system.

Ayurveda uses massage therapies to bring harmony and balance in the body and mind. Ayurvedic massage therapies with specific strokes, addressing vital points and using herbalized oils gives surprising effects to your body. During shirodhara, the gentle and steady streaming of warm oil at forehead- a chakra, third eye/ inner eye- relaxes the mind and body profoundly and nourishes the system deeply that a single session makes a significant difference.

Imbalance of vata is the root cause of anxiety, stress and related disorders. Lubrication (internally and externally) is the best way to address imbalance of Vata. A session of Shirodhara provides subtle lubrication to head at the same time combining the effects of gentle heat so that the effects are profound. In our clinic, a session of Shirodhara begins with a head massage that calms the head and prepares the body for shirodhara so that the effects are deeper. Shirodhara helps to calm nerves, balance Vata and Pitta, balance hormones and awaken consciousness and a sense of well being.

Shirodhara can also be done with other warm or cold liquids like herbalized butter milk, herbalized milk, herbal tea etc to bring desired benefits in specific body types, seasons and imbalances. Use of the appropriate liquid for shirodhara is vital to get the desired results. Then Shirodhara gets specific names like Takradhara (with medicated butter milk), Ksheeradhara (with medicatd milk) and so on.

Shirodhara is highly recommended for stress, mental health, emotional imbalances, sleep disorders, chronic illness, boost immunity, etc. As Shirodhara works magically in stress it his highly recommended for any diseases, imbalances or pathologies induced or increased by stress. A session of Shirodhara can easily help you to get rid of the overwhelming feeling (of anything!) and be grounded. Having 3-7 sessions of Shirodhara consecutively or periodically provides long lasting effects. The effects will be multiplied if shirodhara is done following Abhyanga (a session of Ayurvedic hot oil massage). 

130$ (1 hour)