Physical Features

Pitta people have a medium built body with a good shape and well developed muscles. Moreover, they walk with grace and style. Pitta people have a soft skin which is sometimes/ slightly oily. They sweat profusely on exposure to heat. They blush easily. They cannot tolerate sun; sun safety measures are essential for them. Pittas have normal, straight hairs. They are prone to premature greying and/ or baldness. Pitta eyes are sharp and light coloured. They have balanced eye brows and eye lashes. They have loud and sharp voice.

Physical Tendencies

Pitta people have a sharp and strong appetite. They have a soft digestive tract; as a result, they can have loose stools with milk, some leafy vegetables and spicy foods. They get good night sleep. They have good energy level, and they use it effectively. They have a strong sexual desire and are satisfied, unless irritated. They are warm to touch and crave for cold atmosphere, food and drinks.


Mental Features

Pitta people are efficient, organised and perfectionists with good memory. Their thoughts and ideas are logical and well planned. They are focused, persuasive and dominate conversation.

Emotional Tendencies

Pittas can easily be irritated and angry. They get irritated by hunger, heat, things not being perfect, etc. They are easily affected by emotional stress.


Being perfectionists, Pittas try to provide everything possible for their relatives, but they need to focus on emotional part as well (sometimes they give their complete attention to their professional goals/setting up physical things). They have to manage their anger to maintain relations.

Professions good for Pitta

Pittas are good in decision making, organizing and leading. They can excel as a manager, leader or a business person. They can also excel in police or army. But, working in hot conditions can easily imbalance them. They have a tendency to be workaholic and may result in burning out.

Prevalent Diseases

Acidity, heart burns, digestive disorders, skin diseases, eye diseases, auto immune disorders, diseases due to increased hormones, inflammations, anger issues, burn out, anxiety disorders, etc.

How to care pitta body?

  1. Favour bitter and sweet flavours. Foods which are cool, raw or mildly cooked and without hot spices are good for them. Sour fruits don’t work for pitta. Hot, oily and spicy foods can easily imbalance pitta.
  2. Although they have medium weight, they can be overweight if they consume excess alcohol, meat and oily food and don’t have a proper exercise.
  3. Pitta people tend to be addicted to exercise, work, coffee, alcohol, smoking, etc. easily. They need to do exercises within their limits and keep them away from stimulants especially on empty stomach and hot seasons.
  4. Pitta eyes are sensitive; wearing sunglasses and cleaning eyes with rose water can refresh their eyes.
  5. They are prone to premature greying, baldness and skin rashes. Seasonal detox and keeping pitta balanced can help them.
  6. If you are a pitta, you can be argumentative, challenging and impatient during a conversation, try to avoid that.
  7. Relax and meditate 30-60 minutes a day, it is important to calm you. Practice controlling your anger.
  8. Practice to avoid high expectations and perfection in everything.
  9. Balanced diet, meditation and avoiding working too hard can help to control anger.
  10. During early spring and summer, pitta is increased; having a pitta detox is great for pittas during these seasons.
(If you have a mixed body type, you may have characteristics of Vata and Kapha as well, then you need an expert help to assess your body type and advise you regarding life style modifications.)