Ayurvedic therapeutic Emesis is practiced only in specific health issues with deep seated imbalances. It is the procedure of inducing controllable vomiting. When properly done Ayurvedic therapeutic emesis helps to relieve specific diseases. Stomach-which is considered as the seat for many digestive, skin and respiratory diseases- is well cleansed in this process. Also, vomiting involves direct stimuli from brain.
Ayurvedic Therapeutic Emesis

Who can benefit from Ayurvedic Therapeutic Emesis?

  1. Chronic respiratory diseases.
  2. Chronic sinusitis.
  3. Lifestyle disorders especially obesity, diabetes, etc.
  4. Chronic skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.

How will be Ayurvedic therapeutic emesis carried out?

Like Ayurvedic therapeutic purgation, Ayurvedic therapeutic emesis also requires specific preparation of the individual like internal lubrication and Steam therapies taking 4-8 days. On the day of emesis, early morning the herbs are given under the supervision of Rafeena. Within 60-90 minutes, your vomiting will be completed.Rafeena will look for certain specific signs and symptoms on you, and once achieved that stage the vomiting will be stopped with the help of herbs or massages. After that specific diet plan will be advised to attain optimum results.

Effects of emesis

  1. Deep cleansing of stomach.
  2. Lightness and easiness of body especially thorax and head.
  3. Reduced phlegm.
  4. Improved breathing.
  5. Improved appetite and digestion.
  6. Skin improves.
  7. Feels energetic and ready to go.
  8. Relief from diseases.
  9. Mental clarity and improved memory.

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Emesis

Time required: for a session of: 60-150 minutes per day at the clinic, 5-10 consecutive days. (During these days you have to follow a specific diet plan and take plenty of rest).

Services include:
Initial consultation and herbs.
Internal lubrication
Daily Ayurvedic therapeutic massage/ aromatic steam treatments
Ayurvedic therapeutic emesis
Herbal tea and dietary support
Daily assessment
Lifestyle guidelines