Physical features

Vata people have a small body frame. They are slender with long fingers and toes. It is often easy to see their bones and they have predominant joints. They tend to be long or unusually short. Vata gait is quick and unsteady. Vata skin tends to be dry and dull with visible/ palpable vessels. Sometimes the skin may be oily in some regions and rough and dry in other regions. They tan easily on exposure to sun light. Hairs tend to be thin and dry. Vata eyes are small comparing to their face. Eyes may be brown, dark blue or grey. They have thin and few eye lashes and eyebrows. Vata people have a dry/hoarse voice.

Physical tendencies

Vata people have an irregular appetite; sometimes they feel hungry sometimes not. Vata people have a dry alimentary tract and tissues. They make crackling sounds from joints, breathing sounds, audible burping sounds, loud flatulence, etc. Vata people have an irregular sleep and may awake a few times in night, unless they are tired. They have erratic energy. Vata people lack the ability to preserve the energy. It is hard to gain weight for them. They have variable sex drive. They have intense passion and vivid fantasies. They are cold to touch and prefer warm drink, food, climates and surroundings. It’s difficult for them to manage cold. They can talk and move a lot.


Mental features

Vata people have vivid imagination and creativity. They are great starters. They learn quickly, but tend to forget easily.

Emotional tendencies

They can easily be anxious and frightened. Their moods fluctuate unpredictably. They can be irritated by loud noise, wind, cold, etc. They may change their decisions easily.

Professions good for vatas

Vatas bring changes in the world. They have ideas and they like to work and talk. They can excel in art, teaching, marketing, research, communication, writing, etc. Jobs that require travelling a lot, night shifts, long hours, excessive physical works, etc. can imbalance them easily.

Prevalent diseases

Vatas are prone to anxiety disorders, anorexia, aches, pains, degeneration of joints and nerves, muscle stiffness, respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, diseases of hairs, scalp and skin, etc.

How to care Vata body?

  1. Usually it is easy for vata people to maintain their weight within the limits, unless they are overeating, and being too relaxed or too stressful. But vata people can easily be too slim. So if you are a vata person who is too slim, make sure you eat and rest properly.
  2. Include plenty of water and oil and/ or ghee in food to ensure moistening of tissues, which can also give lustre to your skin and hairs.
  3. As vatas don’t preserve energy, they need to eat in time. They need small, warm and regular meals. When they are healthy, they benefit from sweet, salty and sour foods that are gently spiced and adequately oiled (but not fried). Generally, sweet fleshy fruits (like mango, banana, stone fruits, grapes, etc.) cooked or steamed vegetables and nuts are good for them. Salads, dry fruits, raw meat and cereals don’t work for them.
  4. Vatas are prone to constipation. Take care to include plenty of water and oil in diet. Having a glass of hot water in early morning can help many vata persons to evacuate bowel easily. If it is not working, seek help from an Ayurvedic practitioner. Continuous constipation can lead to vitiation of vata easily, and there for diseases.
  5. Vata people can easily lose their voice, having warm milk with liquorice can help.
  6. Vatas are easily prone to dry and chappy skin, dandruff and split ends. So, daily head and body massage with warm sesame oil is highly recommended for them. Oil massage can help to boost metabolism. It also helps to get good sleep and groundedness.
  7. Vata eyes tend to be dry. So, daily application of collyrium or castor oil is good for eyes.
  8. Cracks on feet and hands are common. They have to take care of their feet and hands by moisturizing regularly. They have to select foot wears that are not too hard.
  9. They are bad managers of vitality and try to keep going when they really need a rest. They need to avoid frequent sex and preserve their energy to maintain balance.
  10. Vatas need to meditate daily (30-60 minutes). They need to be grounded, focused and organised to maintain health, relations and job. A good routine can help a lot with anxiety of vata.
  11. Vatas need to meditate daily (30-60 minutes). They need to be grounded, focused and organised to maintain health, relations and job. A good routine can help a lot with anxiety of vata.
  12. (If you have a mixed body type, you may have characteristics of Pitta and Kapha as well, then you need an expert help to assess your body type and advise you regarding life style modifications.)