December 17, 2022 in Health Tips
Detox drinks

Summer heat can often become difficult to endure. To beat the scorching heat, it’s best to have some remedies up your sleeve. One such healthy remedy would be to add some homemade detox drinks to help with hydration, keep you cool and heal your digestive system along the way. Summer detox drinks bring the flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs and are highly recommended in a diet for cooling the body, improving the metabolism in summer and supporting weight loss. Additionally, detox drinks help flush out toxins from the body as well as maintain a steady flow of nutrients to keep your body healthy and rejuvenated. Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 summer detox drinks and their preparation.

1. Coconut Water, Lemon & Mint Detox Drink

Coconut water along with lemon and mint helps bring a feeling of freshness and is ideal for a hot summer. This drink helps improve digestion and boost immunity. It can be easily prepared with a few ingredients such as 1 Coconut, 1 Lemon, a few Mint leaves and 1 tbsp Honey.


Take the coconut, break it and transfer the water into a jar along with some of the scraped coconut. Alternatively use 500 ml of coconut water.
Add mint, lemon juice and honey to it.
Now, mix well and serve it.
Try this refreshing drink for a beach Christmas party!

2. Cucumber & Mint Detox Drink

Cucumber consists of tons of vitamins and turns out to be an excellent addition to your summer diet. Besides, cucumbers have 95% water content and help you stay hydrated during the summer heat. So, when you consume a detox drink made of cucumber, you would feel fresh and rejuvenated. Prepare it with these ingredients- 1 Cucumber (sliced), 1 Lemon (thinly sliced) and a few fresh Mint leaves.


Take a jar of fresh water.
To it, add the sliced cucumber and lemon as well as the mint leaves.
Keep the contents infused for an hour.
Your refreshing cucumber & mint detox drink is ready!

3. Lemon & Coriander Drink

Give your morning a fresh start with lemon’s citrusy flavor combined with the freshness of coriander leaves. Lemon is packed with Vitamin C that helps maintain healthy skin and not to mention coriander leaves that assist in enhanced metabolism. Make this drink with just two ingredients, 5- 10 grams of Coriander leaves and 1 Lemon.


Take a small jar full of water (500 ml) and add fresh coriander leaves to it.
Now, add 1 or 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice.
Close the jar and keep it for some time.
Enjoy your delicious summer detox drink, especially for bladder health.

4. Apple & Cinnamon Detox Drink

Apple in combination with cinnamon is an excellent choice when it comes to burning fats. As cinnamon improves metabolism in your body, apple keeps you full for a long period. Furthermore, the sweet flavour of an apple makes the drink tasty and enjoyable. What’s more, you can easily prepare this drink using 1 Apple and 1 or 2 Cinnamon sticks.


Heat one jug of water on a low flame.
To it, add sliced apples as well as cinnamon sticks. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
Now, let it cool and then transfer the water into a glass jar.
Cool and serve. This drink is recommended for weight loss.

5. Orange & Carrot Detox Drink

Both the orange and carrot are rich in Vitamin C making it an ideal combination for your summer detox drink. This drink not only provides a refreshing feeling but also helps boost the immune system and maintain healthy skin. Make use of the following ingredients to make this delicious drink – 2 or 3 Carrots, 2 Oranges, 2 tsp Ginger, 1 tsp Lemon juice and 1 tsp Turmeric.


Take the carrot and orange and make a juice of both separately. Transfer them to a blender.
Now, add turmeric and ginger to it. Blend the mixture very well.
Pour the drink into a glass. Use lemon juice to garnish it and serve.
Quench your thirst and hunger with this amazing snack!

Tips: According to your preferences and imbalances, adding a pinch of pink salt and/ or a teaspoon of honey can lift the flavor and give better support during summer!

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