Nasal detox (Nasya) is the process of cleansing the head. It is the procedure of pouring specific number of drops of Ayurvedic herbalized oils/liquids to each nostril. There are different types of nasal detox according to the dose and the type of the herbal formulations. Herbalized oils are commonly used for nasal detox.

Nasya Nasal Detox

How is the nasal detox performed?

First head, face, chest and upper back are massaged using herbalized oil with specific strokes to lubricate and facilitate mucous drainage. After that aromatic steam is applied which helps to liquefy mucous and widen pores and channels. Then while you are lying down, required drops of herbalized oils are poured into each nostril. Within 10 minutes or so; phlegm will be drained to throat and you will be advised to spit them out.

Nasal detox can be done as a part of detox plan taking 3-7 days. Alternatively it can be done as an individual treatment for specific health issues for which nasal detox is indicated. The effects are highly increased when done as a block for 3-7 days or continuously for 3-7 sessions over a period of time.

How does the nasal detox act?

Ayurveda considers nose as the gateway to brain. Nose has openings of sinuses, connected to eye and continues below as the airway. Also nose has rich supply of blood vessel and lots of cranial nerve ends including the sensory area for smell. Also the upper part of internal nose is separated from the blood supply to brain only through a thin plate of bone. That is why when medicines are introduced to nostril, it spreads to airways, sinuses, eyes and helps to stimulate brain.

Nasal detox is highly recommended in

  • Respiratory issues like allergies, chronic/allergic cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, etc.
  • Sinusitis.
  • Diseases of nose, eyes, ear and throat like tonsillitis, Deviated Nasal Septum, vision impairment, cataract (early stage), ear infections, tinnitus and hearing impairment.
  • Issues with smell and taste.
  • Head ache due to different causes.
  • Issues of neck and shoulder like cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder, etc.
  • Stress
  • Mental and emotional problems

Benefits of Nasya

Helps to cleanse airways and sinuses, drain excess mucous and relieves blockage.
Alleviates oedema of cervical region.
Stimulate vital points of face and head.
Lightness for head and glow to face.
Clarity of mind.

Nasal detox

Time required for individual sessions: 45 minutes.