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Ayurveda, traditional holistic system of healing and wellness, gives prime importance to maintaining health and promoting wellness. Seasonal regimes are another important part of swastavritta, ayurvedic advices to maintain health. As we know nature changes from season to season. The changes in Mother Nature bring changes in the level of doshas, the three basic functional particles of our body. Furthermore, along with the climate change, there are changes in our surroundings and environment and even in animals, plants, and the food and medicines that we use.

Seasonal routines are important

 As everything around us changes according to the seasons, it is absolutely essential to make some changes in our daily routines according to the seasons. Even though the doshas in our body get disturbed in various seasons, it is healed by the next season. Only thing we have to do is not disturb the system. By seasonal regimes, Ayurveda advises how we can avoid disturbing this process of natural healing.

Seasonal regimes vary according to the place you live

Seasons and months depend on the place where you live. Intensity of seasons varies from place to place. In some regions summer is particularly hotter and longer where as in others winter is more chilling and longer. Apart from that in some regions, variations between seasons are mild, where as in others it is quite visible. So take care to follow seasonal regimes according to your climates, and make changes when required according to the advices of your local Ayurvedic practitioner (who knows better about the climates of your region).

Things to remember

  • Remember to give attention to your Ayurvedic body type and diseases.
  • Seasonal regimes are mainly changes that needed to be made in daily regimes during different seasons. If there is no mention about a particular matter (like waking up) follow advises of daily regimes.
  • Adopt these regimes intensely or moderately according to the climatic conditions of your locality.
  • By the end of a season, gradually change from that seasonal regime to next seasonal regime taking two weeks.

I’ll write an article series on how to prepare your body for various seasons and recommended routine and diet regimes.

Ayurvedic routine for winter

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