Why do you need an Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic consultation is an important step in your treatment as it enables you to understand your physical, mental and emotional health and illness. Ayurvedic consultation differs from any other consultation as it looks into your life style, disease, vital energy (prana), metabolism and degree of toxic residues in your body. As Ayurveda is highly holistic, individual consultation helps to tailor lifestyle advises including diet, exercise, meditation and daily regimes for you that will complement Ayurvedic herbs and treatments as needed. Having an Ayurvedic consultation before receiving any Ayurvedic treatment will help you to find the most suitable treatment for you and the oil/herbs for the treatment according to the season, so that you will get the maximum benefits of your treatment.Learn more
ayuvedic consulation

What will happen in a consultation: Consultation with Rafeena

Initial consultation begins with listening to and recording your health issues and needs. Your life style including diet and exercise is also enquired. Your health will be assessed using medical examinations, pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis. Pulse diagnosis gives an in depth knowledge about the state of prana (vital energy) and other doshas. Tongue diagnosis helps to understand your metabolism and toxic residues in your body that makes you to fall ill. Your prakruti/body type will also be assessed whenever needed.

After assessing your health and illness, a personalised lifestyle advices and treatment plans that will help to regain your full health and wellness will be advised. Life style recommendations include advices on diet, exercise, meditation, yoga and daily regimes as needed. Home remedies and Ayurvedic herbs will be advised to correct your imbalances. The most suitable Ayurvedic treatments like Ayurvedic massage, kizhi, sirodhara, etc using most suitable oil or medicine for you will be advised to speed up your recovery. Rafeena will also advise personalised detox and rejuvenation plans whenever needed. Detox treatments help to flush out toxic residues from your body and balance your doshas, an important step to correct chronic illness and stress.

Duration, follow up and consultation fees

Consultation with Rafeena Kidavinatavida usually lasts for 60 minutes. Longer consultations are available; please let us know if you need one. Consultations are possible face to face, through Skype or through telephone. Consultation fee is $99 for all types of consultations from which private insurance rebates can be claimed (discuss with your insurance agency, to know the details). Usually follow up consultations are advised after 1 month.

How to book a consultation

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill up your forms and enjoy our herbal tea! Take your health reports with you. If you are coming for follow up consultation, please take your earlier prescriptions.

Private insurance companies that cover our consultations

Rafeena Kidavinatavida is the one and only Ayurvedic Doctor who accepts private insurance schemes to provide the best possible Ayurvedic treatments which are completely affordable.