May 17, 2020 in Ayurvedic Treatments

Mouth ulcers are generally considered as a minor problem; however for suffering group it can be chronic and lasting for months if not years and affecting the quality of life and mood. All of us suffer from this problem at some phase in our life. Ayurveda calls mouth ulcers as mukhapaka. Even though just a blister or ulcer in mouth, sometimes chronic mouth ulcers can be a reflection of much severe underlying problems like stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic deficiencies or even cancer.

So what are mouth ulcers?

As you know, ulcer is an opening in skin or mucosa; mouth ulcer is not exception. It can happen on lips, cheek, gums or roof or floor of mouth. When mild they are also called mouth sores and comes with some redness and pain especially when eating. According to the location and intensity there can be blisters, bleeding, burning and difficulty to eating, drinking, swallowing or talking.
There are several types of mouth ulcers. Canker sores or aphthous ulcers (small, painful, oval shaped ulcers) and cold sores are the most common ones.

Causes of mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are a result of imbalanced Pitta , which can easily happen if you are of Pitta body type. Summer, hot and spicy food and stress can easily trigger Pitta. Usually chronic digestive problems are the reasons for them. Chronic mouth ulcers usually happen along with other Pitta imbalances in gut like gastric or duodenal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, infection, etc. Ayurveda understands chronic mouth ulcers as an expression of the body when suffering from chronic Pitta imbalance or low immunity. Most of the reasons for mouth ulcers like anaemias, vitamin especially B complex deficiency, folate deficiency, infection of gums, poor oral health, oral thrush, smoking, coeliac disease or oral cancer come under one of these two categories.

Ayurvedic care for mouth ulcers:

Treatment of mouth ulcers in Ayurveda involves correcting root causes. An initial consultation with an expert will help to understand the root causes and recommend a plan specific for you. Diet needs to be modified to improve digestion and absorption. Reducing chillies, garlic, alcohol, hot and spicy foods, etc can help. It is important to eat when you are hungry. Lifestyle modification can help to reduce stress and improve immunity. There are some specific herbs like turmeric, neem and different herbal combinations that can help to heal not only ulcers but whole digestive system. Other herbs may also be recommended as per your conditions. Sometimes doing a thorough cleanse by Panchakarma can helps you heal the body from root causes.

Home remedies for mouth ulcers

  • Apply paste of turmeric and ghee on ulcers.
  • Gargle with Triphala tea.
  • Drink coriander, fennel and cumin tea.

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