May 9, 2023
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Firstly, Rafeena, you were so incredibly helpful and accomodating right from the beginning . As I had not travelled much, I was a bit anxious and you made things so easy . Having the flights booked for me was so helpful.The flight was great going direct to Bengaluru and I was just amazed by everything , the sights and sounds and smells and culture . When we arrived at Greens, to be greeted so warmly was wonderful after a long flight .I loved the way we were all made part of the family and I felt so loved and connected to everything and everybody . The Greens life is so peaceful and conscious and I did not want to leave, I felt that I had come home , not just at Greens but Kerala itself .I came out of my shell after a couple of days and loved my treatments and being part of the daily life , walks to the beach, swimming , the food , going to the supermarket , cultural performances and our outings were mind blowing . I particularly enjoyed our trip to Wayanard and could have done with another 2 days up there at least as there is much to do and see .I could not fault anything and my life is so much richer for the experience .The trip has sparked a deep desire to return for much longer to take in Anna’s Ashram, to explore more of Kerala, to study at Greens and to dive deep into Yoga and Yogic philosophy and to learn about Hinduism and Muslim way.I miss the call to prayer in the morning and miss India so very much .I am so grateful to you and Shaun and everyone at Greens and can’t wait to return back home to India .Now, I do have some people that are interested in going so I look forward to being able to share the details once you have announced everything .Thank you so much Rafeena , there is so much more that I would like to say but still find it hard to put into words .

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