April 25, 2017 in Health Tips
5 forgotten lifestyle tips

As we advance to modern health care, we are forgetting certain healthy choices we used to practice. Here I would like to discuss some of the healthy lifestyles we used to do for centuries and lost when we advanced to modern life. Most of the time when we think about healthy lifestyle, we think only about diet and exercise (may be sleep as well sometimes). But there are many other things we can easily do once we establish.
Health is not the absence of diseases but physical and mental well being (loss of wellness is actually the first step of pathology). The following tips are of great help once we are aware of them.

1. Your job is only ‘a part’ of your life:

All of us are ambitious and like to be successful in our life. Even though we know that job is not everything, we are investing a lot of time and efforts during our peak of life for profession. If our life is a tree, our profession forms only its shoot system. However big is the shoot, if the tree doesn’t have a good root system, it can’t survive. In fact, the bigger the shoots, the deeper the roots should be. Our relations make our root system. So invest your time and efforts to improve your roots as well. It can be with your parents, partner, children, siblings, friends, neighbours and/ or other relatives. As an individual we will raise if we can maintain a relationship with nature, animals and all human beings.

2. Be happy with your profession:

Involve in a wholesome occupation that will help to accrue karma and does not lead to any regrets. The occupation should also fulfil your needs of righteousness (dharma), wealth (artha), satisfaction (kama) and eventually spiritual realization (moksha). According to Indian philosophy- Ayurveda of course- righteousness, material success, emotional gratification and spiritual realization form the different level of the pyramid of ‘goal of life’. There should be a balance between your personal and professional life.

3. Listen to the call of the nature:

Avoid restraining from natural urges. Ayurveda identifies 13 natural urges; thirst, hunger, sneezing, yawning, crying, urinating, defecating, flatulence, burping, ejaculating, sleeping, waking up and breathing due to exertion. Also don’t induce these urges forcefully. Always be relaxed. During breathing, take less time to inhale and more to exhale, you will be more under control.

4. Be positive:

Always think positively. Avoid involving in unlawful things and things you are not happy to do, so that you can live satisfied. After day’s work clean your body. Clean your mind by meditating and have a good night sleep. Impure self and surroundings can easily lead to negative thoughts.

5. Respect changes:

Select your food and clothes according to seasons. Seasonal diseases can be prevented by having some preventive therapies and/ or detox treatments before or in the beginning of a season.Always listen to your body and nature. Changes in nature will bring about changes in our body. According to that, we need to change our routines.
Whenever you feel something wrong in your body, change diet and routines (if you are unsure seek advice from an expert). If needed take treatment and stop pathology as early as possible. Our body and mind are inseparable and affect one another. We are identifying more and more lifestyle disorders and the role of stress in various diseases. So it is the need of the hour that we learn from our mistakes.

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